Places to visit in Srinagar.

Article 2: Places to visit in Srinagar

When you are in Srinagar you will feel that you are in Venice and therefore it is called as “Venice of East” because of its beautiful lakes along with its shikaras and houseboats. The warm hospitality of people of Srinagar is truly mesmerizing and you will feel that you are not in India. The Houseboats on the dal or any lake come in various categories from deluxe to Category “D” You should never miss a shikara ride as it is a must do thing in Srinagar specially in Dal or wular lake. Shikaras can be hailed from various docks around the lake. Each dock has signboard which notifies the rates which are Government approved. Best time to take a shikara is at sunrise and then when the sun sets. It’s a must see place for honeymooners and couples.

Not only lakes but Srinagar is also famous for its wildlife park, Dachigam National Reserve is a home of diverse flora and fauna as well as the Hangul (Kashmir Stag)-which is the most endangered species of red deer in the world. If you are lucky you can also see jackal, hill fox, Himalayan weasel and the wild boar.

Srinagar is often refer to as a prime supplier of Apples throughout the India and the neighboring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh. You can see the apple orchards where the states income is dependent on Apple produce and sprawling orchards are common site. Golden Apple which is a most popular and expensive one.

It is a famous shopping paradise and why not it is a manufacture of famous Pashmina shawls made from the soft wool of Himalayan goat. Prices range from 15,000 Rupees onwards to the high end prices. When you shop in Srinagar always go for dry fruits and spices, they are of high quality, the varieties have including wont walnuts, kagzi walnuts avalaible in abundance.

You will find antique silver jewellery and you’ll get silverware with intricate carvings. Carpets are the most famous creations in Srinagar and they are worth buying for your home décor.

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