Srinagar History

Article 1: Srinagar

King Pravarasena II named the city Srinagar over 2000 years ago. The name Srinagar drawn from two Sanskrit words śrī  and Nagar which would make “city of Lakshmi” or (City of prosperity). It is believed that Maurya Emperor Ashoka built the city of Srinagari in the 3rd century B.C and also built many stupas in Kashmir. King Ashoka brought Buddhism to Kashmir and the city become a centre of Buddhism. Vikramaditya ruled the city before it fell into the control of Huns- a nomadic tribe from central Asia. In around 960 CE Srinagar became the capital. After Buddhist rule Srinagar comes in the hands of Muslims. The city comes under the rule of Mughal empire. Akbar the great established his supremacy in Srinagar and Kashmir valley. But after the death of Aurangzeb in 1707 several other tribes from Pashtun increased and Durrani empire ruled the city for several decades. A famous Chinese traveler Hieun-tsang visited Srinagar and described it his memoirs. Before Srinagar become the capital various other capitals. Some of the famous capitals are Prvaeropa of Praversen, Prihaspora of Lalitaditya, Jayapida’s Jayapora, Avantivarman’s Avantipur and cities of Kanishkapura and Juskapura. After Mughal empire the beautiful city of Srinagar come under the control of British rule. Srinagar was under Gorkha rule from 1806

to 1815 CE. When Gorkhas were defeated by the Britishers Srinagar became a part of British Garhwal.

Srinagar is located on the banks of Alaknanda river, on the both sides it have Jhelum river. In Garhwal hill it is the largest city. Hokersar which is a birds paradise place for various ornithologist and tourist who love nature and wildlife. It is a wetland place in Srinagar which attracts thousands of migratory birds from Siberia and central asia during the winter months. You can also see the goose, tufted duck, gadwall, garganey, mallard and the Eurasian wigeon

Srinagar is so beautiful and charmed place that it has been referred as “Venice of East”. Like Venice the city in Itlay is famous for its canals and lakes same like Srinagar is famous for its lakes around the city. It includes the famous Dal Lake which often freezes during the winter months in Srinagar.

Dal lake in Srinagar is named as “Srinagar jewel” or “Jewel in the crown”. Dal lake is the second largest in the state. The lake covers an area of 18 square kilometers. The shoreline of the lake is about 15.5 kilometers.

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